Monday, December 27, 2010


WILD ASS...Mammal found only in LRK....they roam the vast expanse of dried salt-bed desert. It is difficult to approach them as they are very shy and can run at great speeds. They can be seen as white moving spots in vast expanse of the plains. Photographing them is a challenge due to Thermal currents of  the terrain . Achieving focus can be a concern...Mirrage or false waster presence is another challenge. Here in this pic. its not water but, Mirage seen the background. All in all its a beautiful animal to watch.

NEEL GHAI... This part of the desert also has some greenpatch. Where these mammals thrive by eating grass. As usual they maintain a very large distance of at least 100mts..

SHORT EARED OWL...This Owl is beautifully adapted to the terrain...It hides in bushes to take shelter from heat and cold nights. It preys on small bush birds like Larks and Warblers. Very difficult to spot as they are almost the same color of the terrain. Very shy as they are not used to human presence.

MERLIN...This is a rear find...and difficult to get it on a perch....I found it with a Kill and I took some time to approach cautiously approach to get as close as possible...this time it was 50mts before it flew off....

All in all photographing these birds and mammals is a difficult proposition... Thye pose a great challenge by having amost the same color of the terrain, they are very shy and does not allow you any way near to you longest focal length lens...Getting proper focus due to thermals from ground is a challenge...

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