Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My central India TIGER tour covering 3 major parks....Bandhavgarh, Kanha and Pench was very successful. Spread over 14 days, 21 safari's and about 1500kms of core forest area.

The major activities included spotting the tiger and then following it till it disappears into thick jungle. Early morning safari's would start at 5am and finding our way into core area of the forest covered with fog and biting cold. Evening safari's was bearable but would be cold after 4pm.

Sightings include Tigers Adult male, female, sub,adults, and cubs. Sambar deers, cheetal,langurs, Barasingha(seen only in Kanha India), wild Bohr, Barking deers, Jackal, Jungle cats ,Indian gaur are some of the Mammals.

Adjutant storks, Red headed vulture, long neck vulture, prakeets, plumheaded and Alexandreen are some of the bird that were seen along with other common birds.

Its really worth the effort to see the Big Cat in wild and at close distance.

Some pictures to support the story.

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